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Is Your Family’s Kids Playhouse Furniture Really Totally Safe For Your Little Ones?

November 22, 2010 - 8:05 pm No Comments

Decorating a kids playhouse can be an exciting, enjoyable time for you and your child. It affords you the opportunity to bond while trying to create a play space that will be his or her own little castle. One of the most fun aspects of decorating is selecting furniture. The pieces that you and your child pick will determine the type of look and feel for the playhouse. That’ important. But what’s more important is that whatever furniture that you select is safe!

Kids playhouse exteriorHere are a few things to look out for when furnishing your kids playhouse, so that you avoid introducing furniture that is cute, but not safe:

1. Antique toys, vintage baby bassinets for doll babies, or any old items that are painted with lead based paint should never be added to a kids playhouse. Lead poisoning is a very real hazard that people often overlook. While it may seem harmless enough, the reality is that the paint can chip off and could potentially be inhaled or ingested by your little one inadvertently.

2. Furniture that has not been properly cleaned should never be introduced into a kids outdoor playhouse. You may find a really nice chair or loveseat that would work wonders to bring together the look of your child’s playhouse. It could be super cheap also! However, before you put it in that kids playhouse, take the extra step and spend the money to have it cleaned and sanitized. Lots of germs can live in fabric and cushions. By not cleaning it you could potentially expose your child to ringworm, animal dander, and other disgusting vermin that live in used furniture.  Used furniture is great for an outdoor playhouse, but only if it’s totally clean and safe!

3. Sharp, pointy tables and objects should never be included in an outdoor playhouse décor.  Opt for tables or free-standing furniture that has rounded edges. Children can be clumsy and they fall often. Your child has a great chance of getting hurt if he or she falls onto the pointed corner of a table, which could not only cause a bump but could possibly pierce the eye or mouth. No parent would want their child to go through that, so it’s best to select furniture that is rounded and, of course, ultra-safe.

A kids playhouse can be absolutely gorgeous when furnished with the right pieces. If you are really concerned about using adult or higher end pieces that has the potential to pose a risk, then select plastic or wooden child sized and age appropriate playhouse furniture. The choice is yours, but the decision to be safe should always be given the highest priority.

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