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How Your Kids Playhouse Can Look Great With An Interchangeable Fireplace

January 18, 2011 - 6:43 pm No Comments

Giving a kids playhouse a more comfortable and home-like feel is a goal that many families set for themselves. Creating a very warm atmosphere for your child’s playhouse doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. One great and easy way to add a fun yet classic look to your kids play house is by adding what has become a staple in real homes around the planet…a pretend fireplace.

Kidsplayhouse fireplaceWhat can make the hearth area of your wooden playhouse that you turn into a pretend fireplace even better is to design the fireplace so that it can be changed at any time. In essence, you would create an interchangeable fireplace for your child’s play house. Here’s how you can make it happen:

Plan out your hearth. Designate an area of the kids playhouse for the pretend fireplace. Design a hearth that would include fake flames, the look of wood logs, and a darkened background. This hearth can be made using felt that is affixed to the wall for a 3-dimensional appearance and to add texture.   If you want fake flames, hang gold, red and orange foil or tissue paper and get a small, battery-operated fan to make the flames move.

Use a variety of wall ornaments and textures to create 3-4 different fireplace surround themes. Wall decals that are designed to look like stones, bricks, tiles, and wood can be assembled to create the look that you and your child want for your kids playhouse. Your child may want the look of wood one day or a mix of tiles and bricks another day. By providing a number of different style alternatives, your child can try his or her hand at interior design as your child plans and arranges the fireplace parts.

Another option for creating an interchangeable fireplace surround is to use felt shapes that are made to look like masonry items such as river rocks and decorative tiles. In order to use the felt, you will need to create a cloth background that will allow the felt to stick to it. Imagine the possibilities. Add a bit of whimsy by providing your child will a multitude of colors and patterns.

Don’t forget the mantle.  You can use a wooden shelf or scone as the mantle so that your little one can place select valuable to be displayed over the fake fireplace.

Your child’s kids playhouse fireplace could become the focal point of his or her play space. Being able to make the fireplace look exactly like he or she wants will give your child an even greater feeling of pride knowing that he or she has made their playhouse look even more smashing! That is sure to make playing in their kids playhouse feel even more special!

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Let Snowmen Invade Your Kids Playhouse

December 19, 2010 - 12:37 pm No Comments

Winter ushers in kids playhouse moments that may be hallmarked by lots of cold, fun, and snow! So, why not let the snow in? Not literally, of course. But, how about giving way for some really cool snowmen in your family’s kids playhouse?

Snowmen have been the cornerstone of the holiday season for hundreds of years. From rounded mounds of snow dressed in clothing and carrot noses to films of talking and dancing snowmen, children have a deep love for these jolly creations.

Snowman idea for a kids playhouseHere are a few ways that you can turn the fun up to a wild flurry in your family’s kids playhouse as your décor becomes overrun with fun, fat, and fluffy snowmen:

Spray some white, friendly snowmen on the windows of their kids playhouse using canned snow. Finish off the look with window safe markers. Let your child’s imagination rule the roost by having him or her draw a funny scene around the snowmen or wacky clothes on them. They may even decide to make a snowpeople village, complete with snowmamas and snowbabies!

For the winter months, change up the décor of the kids playhouse by adding a snowman motif that would include a border around the wall, snowmen curtains, and lots of plush snowmen scattered around the playhouse.

Make a funky snowman pillow with your little one. Using a white pillow case, pull the inside down about 3 inches and wrap it with a rubber band. Then, stuff it full of cotton stuffing or old sheets. Once it is full, wrap the middle with a length of ribbon to create a “belt” on the snowman. This will also make it look as if it has a midsection. Finish by closing up with the bottom with Velcro that can be stuck on like stickers. Then, draw on any facial features that you want. You could also add embellishments to the front to create the look of clothing.

Your family’s kids playhouse can definitely be holly and jolly for the holidays. A little paint, a little creativity, mixed with a little time, and your family’s playhouse should make it “cool” enough for any snowman that your kids want to hang out with! They are sure to have a ball!

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No Room For An Indoor Kids Playhouse? No Problem!

November 12, 2010 - 10:39 pm No Comments

Many people don’t have the space for an indoor kids playhouse.  But that didn’t stop Gillian, a mother and blogger at Dried Figs and Wooden Spools, who turned a spare closet into a playhouse.  Yep, she was resourceful and creative.

She was able to stencil flowers on the closet wall, with the help of her son…cute, huh?  Also, because closets don’t usually have windows, look at how she created a “window” with curtains for this kids playhouse.

The playhouse is decked out with a play kitchen, a baby cradle and other fun toys.  So now when you tell your kids you don’t have room for an indoor kids playhouse…hmmm…you may have to rethink your answer!

Closet Kids Playhouse

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Peak Inside A Kids Playhouse

November 2, 2010 - 10:25 pm No Comments

Here are some great peaks inside multiple kids playhouses.  After you check these pictures out, please let me know what playhouse is your favorite!

Kids playhouse inside 1

Inside a kids playhouse 2

Inside a Kids Playhouse 3

Inside a kids playhouse 4

Inside a kids playhouse 5

Inside a kids playhouse 5

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A Colorful Kids Playhouse

June 8, 2010 - 1:15 pm No Comments

I love finding playhouses that other parents have built for their kids.  Here’s a kids playhouse that I came across that is quite colorful and that Mike and Beth Castillo recently finished for their family.  It’s really cute!

Colorful Kids Playhouse

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A Japanese-Themed Kids Playhouse

June 6, 2010 - 10:13 am 1 Comment

There was a fascinating post that I recently read about how architect Bob Borson designed a Japanese-themed kids playhouse.  It was an interesting post because he laid out why he built the playhouse, what inspired him, his research on traditional Japanese architecture and how he narrowed down what elements to include in the playhouse, and what he thinks about from an architects view point as he designed the playhouse.

Japanese Kids Playhouse
Some key thoughts were that he wanted the playhouse to be characteristically Japanese yet economical to build and to be appealing to both the parent and child.

Specific features to note were the wooden platform that the playhouse was built on, the decorative rafters on the outside of the playhouse, the wooden shake shingles on the roof, the small child-sized door, the uniquely Japanese shape and pitch of the roof, and because he wanted to give the playhouse the feel that it was above the ground, the lower part of the playhouse did not have sheathing and was open to the outside environment.

Two elements that were spot on for increased enjoyment by a child was the wrap round shelf or rail on the inside of the playhouse, at just the perfect height for a child to place all their treasures and knick knacks.  The second element was the inclusion of pressed paperboard above the rail for children to pin their favorite drawings or hang items that they’ve collected and want to show off.

Below is the video and end result of his 8 foot x 8 foot Japanese designed kids playhouse.

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