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A Kids Playhouse Becomes Even Better With Wi-Fi

November 10, 2010 - 7:51 pm No Comments

In the fall and winter months, one reason a kids playhouse is a great place for children is because it can be an instrumental part in getting them out from in front of the television. However, another reason a kids playhouse is an awesome space for kids is because they can customize it completely for themselves. In customizing their own private space, a child may have a desire to do something cool online or to visit one of their favorite kid educational sites. Unfortunately, they cannot do that if they don’t have access to the family’s network or Wi-Fi.

Mom & daughter with computer having funA child’s playhouse experience can been really wonderful with the integration of wi-fi. Here are some things to keep in mind and to consider when setting up wi-fi in your family’s outdoor playhouse:

1. Always keep safety first and set those parental controls on high! While children should not have unsupervised internet time because of all of the junk out there, it is sometimes hard to keep some things from creeping before their eyes. So, be sure to turn up the controls and block sites that can be a little risqué at times, even if it is a search engine.

2. Provide your little one with a kiddy computer or a netbook that will hold up to being moved around their space. You may want to simply give them access to the internet while you are there, and use the netbook to download the games or videos that they like. Either way, there will most likely be a time when they will want to get online in their kids playhouse.

3. One of the coolest parts of making wi-fi available in your kids outdoor playhouse is that parents that are simply supervising their children as they play can be online and getting things done during the down times. Everyone in the family could benefit from having that access available.

A kids playhouse is a valuable and unique space on which your child can stake his or her claim. Give your children the tools that they will need to make it amazingly special. Wi-fi can be a useful addition for your children’s educational time while in their playhouse, and for you as well.

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