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Wacky Stools Make A Kids Playhouse Perfectly Seated For Fun

January 22, 2011 - 11:19 am No Comments

Choosing seating for a kids playhouse should be more than just throwing some chairs its way. Where your kids rest their little bottoms is as important as any other furnishings or toys that are incorporated into the overall playhouse decor. A really cool type of seating that often has versatile utility is a stool. But not just any stool will do.

Stools for a kids playhouseAutomatically, when one mentions a stool, people think of a square with feet. Well, a Square stools can be just…square.  For your child’s favorite play space, go for a more zany, whimsical, and just plain old fun type of stool, or get inspired by one of these unusual stool suggestions:

Turn seating into a game with a set of Puzzle Stools! Puzzle Stools are designed to loosely interlock with each other when placed side-by-side. These stools are fantastic for use by multiple children that can use these toy-like seats to construct a string of stools or for a more interesting version of musical chairs! Some of the styles actually allow for interlocking on multiple sides of the stool, so there is even greater flexibility in the seating arrangement.

Go for a very “natural” stool such as a mushroom or flower! How cute is it for your child to have little mushrooms or daisies popping up all over his or her kids playhouse. There are some super sweet looking, nature inspired stools that can bring the forest inside of your child’s playhouse.

Mushroom or floral inspired stools can be purchased or you could make your own by securing a puffy and colorful cushion to the top of a basic round stool or heavy metal trash can. You could add fabric “petals” to the cushion to create any type of flower that you would like for your child to have.

Your families kids playhouse should be interesting and engaging for your children and their friends. Filling it with your own version of these wild stool designs may give it just the intrigue that you want. The truth is, children don’t always like to take stuff too seriously…especially when they are trying to get to the “bottom” of the fun!!

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How Your Kids Playhouse Can Look Great With An Interchangeable Fireplace

January 18, 2011 - 6:43 pm No Comments

Giving a kids playhouse a more comfortable and home-like feel is a goal that many families set for themselves. Creating a very warm atmosphere for your child’s playhouse doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. One great and easy way to add a fun yet classic look to your kids play house is by adding what has become a staple in real homes around the planet…a pretend fireplace.

Kidsplayhouse fireplaceWhat can make the hearth area of your wooden playhouse that you turn into a pretend fireplace even better is to design the fireplace so that it can be changed at any time. In essence, you would create an interchangeable fireplace for your child’s play house. Here’s how you can make it happen:

Plan out your hearth. Designate an area of the kids playhouse for the pretend fireplace. Design a hearth that would include fake flames, the look of wood logs, and a darkened background. This hearth can be made using felt that is affixed to the wall for a 3-dimensional appearance and to add texture.   If you want fake flames, hang gold, red and orange foil or tissue paper and get a small, battery-operated fan to make the flames move.

Use a variety of wall ornaments and textures to create 3-4 different fireplace surround themes. Wall decals that are designed to look like stones, bricks, tiles, and wood can be assembled to create the look that you and your child want for your kids playhouse. Your child may want the look of wood one day or a mix of tiles and bricks another day. By providing a number of different style alternatives, your child can try his or her hand at interior design as your child plans and arranges the fireplace parts.

Another option for creating an interchangeable fireplace surround is to use felt shapes that are made to look like masonry items such as river rocks and decorative tiles. In order to use the felt, you will need to create a cloth background that will allow the felt to stick to it. Imagine the possibilities. Add a bit of whimsy by providing your child will a multitude of colors and patterns.

Don’t forget the mantle.  You can use a wooden shelf or scone as the mantle so that your little one can place select valuable to be displayed over the fake fireplace.

Your child’s kids playhouse fireplace could become the focal point of his or her play space. Being able to make the fireplace look exactly like he or she wants will give your child an even greater feeling of pride knowing that he or she has made their playhouse look even more smashing! That is sure to make playing in their kids playhouse feel even more special!

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Your Kids Playhouse Can Be A Sweet Smelling Gingerbread Hang Out

January 8, 2011 - 10:33 pm No Comments

Spending time in a kids playhouse is made even better when you and your child integrate some fun holiday themes into your play. One of the holiday seasons favorites is gingerbread. Whether it’s a busload of gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, or just the aroma of gingerbread wafting through the air, this spicy treat just has a way of making any space holiday perfect.

Decorated playhouse for ChristmasHere are a few activities for using these tasty and playful treats in your family’s kids playhouse:

Create life-size gingerbread men out of cardboard. You may be able to get large cardboard boxes from a local supermarket or “big box” retailer. Otherwise, you may need to buy them from a moving company.

Use the boxes to create a gingerbread man figure. If the boxes are not large enough, you may need to piece them together to make the figure.

Use brightly colored duct tape to secure to assemble it and for decoration! Try this, use it as a belt around the center of the figure to connect two boxes for the upper and lower body portions. Use puffy paint to finish decorating.

Set up a table inside of the kids playhouse for decorating real gingerbread cookies and the gingerbread house. Making a gingerbread house is all time kid activity that is sure to keep your child engaged and mesmerized as he or she creates various parts of the gingerbread house with candy, frosting, and other goodies.

Buy some pre-made gingerbread holiday curtains or make some of your own. During the winter months, holiday inspired fabric is everywhere. Grab some and make some no-sew curtains for your family’s kids playhouse.

Your family’s kids playhouse will inspire your child to have visions of gingerbread dancing in his or her head after you transform their play space. Not only will the kids playhouse have a warm holiday feel to it. It will also smell just as yummy as can be!

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Give A Kids Playhouse An Angelic Look For The Holidays

January 3, 2011 - 10:22 pm No Comments

White goes with a kids playhouse the same way that a red-nose works for a reindeer. It can make the playhouse stand out and be extra special. This holiday season, you may want to consider sprucing up your family’s kids playhouse to reflect some of the more ethereal or angelic themes of the season.

Angel decoration outside a playhouseFor those that celebrate Christmas, angels sitting atop a tree are a norm when it comes to interior decor during the holidays. Along with the holiday playhouse look comes a renewed feeling that can help to refocus Christmas from simply gift-giving to recognizing the amazing miracles that happen in our lives everyday.  This is especially true during the holiday season.

Here are a few ways to make your family’s kids playhouse glow as if an angel has ascended on it just for your child and his or her friends:

Outline the kids playhouse with a blend of plain white lights or icicle-inspired lights, and small angel ornaments. The way to meld the look is to hang the angel ornaments repeated after a certain number of lights, for example, 12 lights then an angel, 12 lights then an angel, etc. The hanging angels will almost look like they are floating around the playhouse.

Go over the top, literally, and set an “angel” on the roof of the kids playhouse. You may consider doing some fancy artwork or use of lights to make it look like the angel is hugging the playhouse. You can create “wings” from white fabric netting that can be hung on either side of the playhouse for a truly uplifting effect!

Place angels in the windows and on the door of the kids playhouse. Children will love looking at their angel friends as they enter and play inside.

Animatronic decorations are still popular. You may be able to find some angels that sing or move at a local retailer. Place them right on the patio of the kids playhouse for a real effect.

Your family’s kids playhouse can look as if it has been touched by angel. Try these little design tricks and you are sure to create a look that is gorgeous. A happy and heavenly holiday season could start with making your own little angel’s playhouse extra special!

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An Indoor Kids Playhouse With A Twist

September 1, 2010 - 10:02 pm No Comments

I love telling my readers about other people who have great kids playhouse ideas.  This playhouse idea is indoors.  Melissa, from Kensington Cottage blog, set up this cute little playhouse room off of her daughter’s bedroom.

The room was more of a storage area with slanted walls.  She transformed that space into an play space area for her daughter.  The “playhouse” has a kitchen with a pantry that keeps her dishes, utensils and food.  I liked the pantry idea…it really keeps all the kitchen stuff organized.

An inexpensive oriental rug made a great living room area where Melissa put all her daughter’s dolls, doll beds and doll high chair in the room.  This is a great place to pretend to play house and tend to the babies.

Check out how this small place was made into a warm and inviting playhouse for a lucky little girl!

Play kitchen in the playhouse

Living room view of playhouse

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