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Peak Inside A Kids Playhouse

November 2, 2010 - 10:25 pm No Comments

Here are some great peaks inside multiple kids playhouses.  After you check these pictures out, please let me know what playhouse is your favorite!

Kids playhouse inside 1

Inside a kids playhouse 2

Inside a Kids Playhouse 3

Inside a kids playhouse 4

Inside a kids playhouse 5

Inside a kids playhouse 5

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How To Build A Kids Playhouse Foundation From Scratch

August 1, 2010 - 5:26 pm 2 Comments

When building a kids playhouse, a solid foundation is critical to the safety, sturdiness and appeal of your playhouse.  To ensure that the foundation is property prepared, the following step-by-step method is provided so that the resulting playhouse will give your child years of playing enjoyment.

Select a level well drained area for the location of the kids playhouse.  Stake out the perimeter (footprint) of the playhouse using mason’s line or some other string and cut in the grass or dirt using a garden spade.  Remove all grass and vegetation from the area that will be covered by the playhouse foundation.  Construct a form for the concrete foundation using either 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 pieces of lumber.  The form will be held in place using stakes every two to three feet will define the perimeter as well as the thickness of the concrete slab.  The form needs to be level at the top edges so the boards you use for this should not be warped or twisted.   In addition to the wood form you will need steel reinforced mesh, crushed stone aggregate or sharp-sided gravel, sand and cement.  Additionally, you will need to rent or borrow a vibrating plate soil compactor.

Once you have dug out the area for the foundation fill the area with about 3 inch deep layer of grade 5 crushed stone and pack it down using the the compactor.  Cover the layer of crushed, compacted aggregate with 3-4 inches of sand and tamp it down with the compactor.  The layer of sand is critical for the curing of the concrete to maximize the strength of the slab.  The sand layer will also help prevent the cracking of the concrete while the concrete expands or contracts during changing cold or hot weather conditions.

Level the concrete for the kids playhousePlace the wooden form on the prepared area and using wooden stakes on the outside of the form, secure the form in place so that it will not shift or move when adding the cement.  Again, the form must be level so take the time to make adjustments to assure that the form is level at this point.

Lay the steel reinforced mesh over the form and cut the mesh to fit inside the form.  At the time of pouring the cement, you will pull the mesh upwards to the middle of the cement.  Smooth the excess concrete off the top of the form so it is even and level.  Allow the concrete to cure and remove the form and securing stakes.

You now have a solid foundation that is level, sturdy and safe for building that dream kids playhouse for your child.

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The Reality Of Building A Kids Playhouse

July 18, 2010 - 1:20 pm No Comments

If your daughter has been pining for her own kids playhouse and your wife has been asking you how long it will take to build it from a kit, the easy answer is a few days!  That is, if your day job doesn’t get in the way.  Although many of us wish that we had 2 days of work and 5 days off, that’s just not reality and we have to work around our job when building a playhouse project.

Doug McCaughan, from Reality Me, and his wife have been documenting the building of their daughter’s playhouse and so far they are up to day 10 (and still counting!).  They are building a playhouse from a kit and so far have made great progress.  In the picture below, you can see what was delivered as part of the playhouse kit.

Delivery of the Kids Playhouse materialsUltimately, the playhouse will look like the Little Miss Kit available from Wood Manor.  The playhouse is 8 feet wide, 8 feet deep and 8 feet high and is extremely quaint and adorable.  You can see what it will look like at the end of this post.

After 10 days of working on the playhouse, the playhouse is almost fully constructed.  Once the roof is put on, there most likely will be a huge sigh of relief that they’ve made it this far in the process.

Although there still is decorative mill work, painting and finishing off of the inside that will still need to be done before the playhouse is completely finished and ready to “move in”, the sense of accomplishment of getting the playhouse to this stage is huge.

Here are some pictures during the building process of the kids playhouse.

Kids playhouse foundation

The ground was prepared and the foundation was constructed.  You can see the outline porch entrance.

Construction of the sides of the playhouse

The channel shiplap panels were added to construct the walls of the playhouse.

Rafters of the playhouse added

This picture shows the finishing of the walls, addition of the windows, and the rafters that have been added to the playhouse.

You can see the three cute hexagonal windows.

If you look at the porch floor edge, it is being protected until the railing goes up.

Little Miss Kit when it's finished

This is what the kids playhouse will look like when it’s fully completed.  I’m sure Doug’s little girl will absolutely love her birthday present when it’s finished – especially knowing that her Dad built it for her!

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Modern-Style Kids Playhouse With Swing Set

June 26, 2010 - 10:36 am No Comments

I was pleasantly surprised recently when I came across this kids playhouse, found at The  Mommy Times, that was intentionally modeled in a modernistic architectural style.  The red and brown colors of the playhouse accentuated the tall rectangular windows on two sides of the playhouse.

Modernistic styled kids playhouse

In addition to having a swingset attached to the playhouse, the playhouse has several features that were unique.

These features included a cute patio prior to entering the playhouse interior, a slanted tin roof set upon rafter support boards for air flow and skylights high in the wall near the ceiling.

Side skylights from inside playhouse

For a better view of the side skylights, check out the picture below.

I am also including a picture of the back view of the playhouse.

I believe that the red covering is a window that can be opened and closed.

I hope you enjoy this cute, modernistic-styled playhouse as much as I did!

Back view of kids playhouse

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A Really “Sweet” Kids Playhouse

May 18, 2010 - 6:52 pm 2 Comments

Imagine a kids playhouse that is suited for the child who loves to bake cakes, brownies or cookies.  It’s possible when your child chooses a fun and tasty baking or treats theme for their playhouse.  Your child’s playhouse will be unique and customized to what your child enjoys…baking!  With a few silly and simple design tricks, their playhouse will look and smell as good enough to eat as it is to play in.

Kids cookingTry the following simple design tricks:

Paint the kids playhouse a really sweet color such as Gum Drop Purple or Apple Green.  Or use multiple colors such as Lemonade yellow, Candy Apple Red, Cotton Candy Pink, and Chocolate Brown. For a sprinkling of candy effect, create striped, wavy, or spotted patterns using these yummy colors.

Have your child create a mural with all of their favorite treats!  Your child will be able to personalize their playhouse while actively engaging in a fun and creative activity.  To get started, they can draw a big doughnut topped with rainbow sprinkles as the center or paint a mirage of lemon meringue pie slices.

Reclaimed food or candy wrappers can be used to make a kids playhouse wall border. Without costing a fortune, the border will give the playhouse walls dimension and texture and add to the overall baking and treats theme . To make the wrappers stay on the wall, you and your child can use easy decoupage techniques.

Be sure that your child has lots of pretend food in their kids playhouse.  In addition to the pretend or plastic food, buy non-toxic playdough or make edible playdough!

Don’t forget to add the baking or treat smell to the playhouse.  Hang sweet smelling air fresheners that are shaped like cakes and goodies from the ceiling!

Your child’s kids playhouse may become a menagerie of sweet treats and delectable smells that will mesmerize your child and the other children that are invited to enjoy the deliciously decorated space! After you and child customize their playhouse, it is sure to be even better than anything than you both imagined!

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An Elevated Kids Playhouse

June 12, 2009 - 4:29 pm 6 Comments

I’ve never seen a kids playhouse that was elevated off the ground.  When I asked the parents why they built it that way, they said it was a compromise between a playhouse and treehouse and kind of a cool premise.  Besides, it was similar to what a friend had already built in their backyard so this family went ahead with their own elevated kids playhouse.

I really liked the fact that to get up to the playhouse you had to climb a ladder so it really was geared for kids.  I can already imagine pretending that the kids playhouse was a house boat, pirate ship or an oasis in the clouds.  I guess the point is, having an elevated playhouse seemed to encourage a little more creative play than a traditional, non-elevated playhouse.

The ladder led to a quaint railed deck that had two patio chairs and a small table.  The deck overlooked the backyard.  The parent’s had intended the entrance opposite the ladder to be a fireman’s pole for the kids to slide down.  There were good intentions but the fireman’s pole never was put in place.   

The actual kids playhouse was small, square and had vinyl exterior siding.  It had a full sized screened door and several windows that could be opened.  Being so small, the playhouse only had room for a couch, table and sevral smaller pieces of furniture.  The childen now used the playhouse more for a clubhouse.  Because the playhouse had electricity and the kids had a playstation hooked up to a tv, there were many visitors to the playhouse. So, the door had a lock on it to keep neighborhood children out when the family wasn’t in the playhouse.

Talking about electricity, there had been a mini refrigerator at one time in the kids playhouse stocked with soda.  This idea went over so well with the families children that they were drinking a lot of soda.  The Mom decided that she didn’t want her kids to drink so much soda so the mini refrigerator was removed.

Interestingly, the parent’s had originally wanted to put a loft in the playhouse but it would have taken up too much room so they never built that feature.

Aside from the clubhouse activities the kids enjoy, the Mom uses the playhouse as a get away and admitted to taking naps there!  I guess you could say this playhouse is for all the members of a family!

If you want to check the playhouse out, please click on this link or view the video below.




Please let me know what you think about these playhouses and if there are other questions I should be asking the owners.  I’d love to hear your feedback!


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An Awesome Victorian Kids Playhouse

June 11, 2009 - 4:33 pm 2 Comments

I have always admired the Victorian kids playhouse in the neighborhood.  It was built on blocks so that if ever the family moves, the playhouse can be easily moved with the family.  I hadn’t thought of that before but after putting in so much effort, materials and money into the playhouse it’s a great idea.

The kids playhouse is one of the biggest I’ve seen to date.  I didn’t measure it, but I’d guess it was 10 feet wide by 12 feet in length.  There are two attached small areas.  The doors and windows are full size so there’s no problem with transferring the playhouse over to a clubhouse when the kids get older or even a very nice looking storage facility when the kids no longer are interested in the playhouse.

The man that built the playhouse got plans from a book.  He said he didn’t deviate too much from the plans.  Although the exterior was completed, the inside needed to be finished off.  There is electrical power to the playhouse – in fact, all the playhouses (4) I have looked at so far have had electrical power to them.  One thing the man who built the Victorian kids playhouse mentioned was that he planned on putting in a ceiling fan so there was air movement in the playhouse.  If you look at the video, there are motion detector lights on the exterior of the playhouse, entrance lights near the playhouse door and electrical outlets inside the playhouse.

Although he hadn’t gotten to painting the playhouse in a variety of Victorian colors, you sure could tell that the exterior would be fun to detail and customize.  The landscaping around the playhouse was very eye catching, can you imagine what the playhouse will look like once the family paints it?  I may have to go back next summer and update everyone on the progress this family has made on their kids playhouse.

If you want to check out this awesome Victorian kids playhouse, you can click on the link or view the video below.




As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on each of the playhouses.  Or, submit your own kids playhouse video!


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An Adorable Victorian Kids Playhouse

June 6, 2009 - 12:51 am 5 Comments

I visited a neighbor’s kids playhouse that was built in a Victorian style.  The playhouse was adorable and quaint with wonderful Victorian details.  The playhouse was painted in pink, green, yellow, white and purple.  The sides of the playhouse had a cute stenciled flowing flower pattern done by the Mother.   It was an ideal play structure for any girl wishing to have her own playhouse. 

The parents had initially built the playhouse for their young girl, who at the time, was around 6 years old.  The playhouse originally was designed from a playhouse plan but the design was modified to include a loft on the second floor.  You can get additional ideas here for kids playhouse plans.

The kids playhouse was built in the fenced in backyard, not on a concrete slab but up on blocks. The entire playhouse was made of wood with the exterior of the playhouse detailed in the Victorian style. The owner told me that they had to cut each of the layered wood details by hand but now they were available, precut, from the local hardware store.

There was a cute but small outer porch with the porch railing having window boxes for real flowers to grow in. There were 2 steps to get up to the porch before entering the door.  In retrospect, one thing the owners would have changed looking back was putting in a door that was higher in height.  The current door was only about 4 feet in height.  The reason for the change in door height was the daughter was 12 years old now and the door was difficult to get in and out.

Four sliding windows with screens attached were added for light and ventilation. These windows were added to three sides of the first floor.  A large, eight sided window was added to the second floor loft area.  All the windows allowed for a bright and airy feel to the playhouse and the type of windows were small and could easily be opened and closed by a child.  The octangular window could not be opened.  The wall immediately across from the door entrance did not have any windows, which actually made it easy to put furniture, kitchen sets or bulletin boards against it without problem.

The first floor was small, 10 feet wide and 4 feet in depth, and quite adequate for smaller kids.  However, it was a tight fit if older girls were to congregate in a ‘club house’.  The loft area was accessible by ladder.  The loft area covered half of the upper level of the kids playhouse and was really exciting to be in.  The large 6 sided window gave a child a wide view of the backyard and the small size of the loft area was cozy.  What a wonderful place to pass the time with your friends!

Although the kids playhouse was meant initially for their 6 year old daughter, the playhouse grew to be a club house for girls and now was used by the daughter to do homework and as a kids artist studio.

You can view a video of this kids playhouse here or below.




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