Your Kids Playhouse Can Be A Sweet Smelling Gingerbread Hang Out

January 8, 2011 - 10:33 pm No Comments

Spending time in a kids playhouse is made even better when you and your child integrate some fun holiday themes into your play. One of the holiday seasons favorites is gingerbread. Whether it’s a busload of gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, or just the aroma of gingerbread wafting through the air, this spicy treat just has a way of making any space holiday perfect.

Decorated playhouse for ChristmasHere are a few activities for using these tasty and playful treats in your family’s kids playhouse:

Create life-size gingerbread men out of cardboard. You may be able to get large cardboard boxes from a local supermarket or “big box” retailer. Otherwise, you may need to buy them from a moving company.

Use the boxes to create a gingerbread man figure. If the boxes are not large enough, you may need to piece them together to make the figure.

Use brightly colored duct tape to secure to assemble it and for decoration! Try this, use it as a belt around the center of the figure to connect two boxes for the upper and lower body portions. Use puffy paint to finish decorating.

Set up a table inside of the kids playhouse for decorating real gingerbread cookies and the gingerbread house. Making a gingerbread house is all time kid activity that is sure to keep your child engaged and mesmerized as he or she creates various parts of the gingerbread house with candy, frosting, and other goodies.

Buy some pre-made gingerbread holiday curtains or make some of your own. During the winter months, holiday inspired fabric is everywhere. Grab some and make some no-sew curtains for your family’s kids playhouse.

Your family’s kids playhouse will inspire your child to have visions of gingerbread dancing in his or her head after you transform their play space. Not only will the kids playhouse have a warm holiday feel to it. It will also smell just as yummy as can be!

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