Watch Your Family’s Kids Playhouse Become A Stuffed Animal Hospital

September 11, 2010 - 4:00 pm No Comments

Your family’s kids playhouse is an ideal place for your budding veterinarian to begin his or her career. Children love demonstrating the type of care and love that they can give, to people and to animals. It may not have been your original intent when you purchased your child’s kids playhouse, but seeing your little one use it for such an altruistic activity will make you feel great.

If your child has a deep love for helping animals, here are some ideas for assisting your little one with his or her “life’s work” as a veterinarian and running their first pet hospital.

Stuffed Pet Hospital Vet

Give your child a ton of bandages! They will want to stick bandages all over every possible “boo boo” that their patients will have. From shark bites to fleas, if your little vet wants to make their patient feel better, they will most likely want to put a bandage on the place that’s causing the pain. So, go to the dollar store and stock up. You will probably be able to get a box of about 100 different size bandages for only one dollar!

Be sure to provide him or her with a table and chairs for their waiting room and examination area. Their “patients” will need a place to sit while they wait to be seen with their animal friends. A small table, whether it’s a fold up card style table or a kid-sized butcher block table which works phenomenally in a kids playhouse, your child will love being able to lay his or her patient out on the table for their exam, and for completing “paperwork”.

Supply your little vet with a doctor kit that contains the basics like a stethoscope and pretend needle. If you can’t find one of those toys kits for a good price, go online to a site like eBay and try to find a used one for cheap.

Decorate the kids playhouse with lots of health related or animal inspired décor. Your child could have a menagerie of animals all over the walls and doors, or your little one may opt for health inspired stuff like nurses hats, bandages, and ambulances.

Provide plenty of stuffed animals to your child. If he or she doesn’t have a lot, then, you should canvass your local thrift store or area garage sales.

Also, keep your family’s kids playhouse stocked full of books about animals and their health so that your child can actually learn as they play.

Turning their kids playhouse into a veteranian’s office can be done very cheaply and simply. The important thing to remember is that the space needs to be just right for your future doctor as he or she does the legwork to begin building their “practice”!

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