Wacky Stools Make A Kids Playhouse Perfectly Seated For Fun

January 22, 2011 - 11:19 am No Comments

Choosing seating for a kids playhouse should be more than just throwing some chairs its way. Where your kids rest their little bottoms is as important as any other furnishings or toys that are incorporated into the overall playhouse decor. A really cool type of seating that often has versatile utility is a stool. But not just any stool will do.

Stools for a kids playhouseAutomatically, when one mentions a stool, people think of a square with feet. Well, a Square stools can be just…square.  For your child’s favorite play space, go for a more zany, whimsical, and just plain old fun type of stool, or get inspired by one of these unusual stool suggestions:

Turn seating into a game with a set of Puzzle Stools! Puzzle Stools are designed to loosely interlock with each other when placed side-by-side. These stools are fantastic for use by multiple children that can use these toy-like seats to construct a string of stools or for a more interesting version of musical chairs! Some of the styles actually allow for interlocking on multiple sides of the stool, so there is even greater flexibility in the seating arrangement.

Go for a very “natural” stool such as a mushroom or flower! How cute is it for your child to have little mushrooms or daisies popping up all over his or her kids playhouse. There are some super sweet looking, nature inspired stools that can bring the forest inside of your child’s playhouse.

Mushroom or floral inspired stools can be purchased or you could make your own by securing a puffy and colorful cushion to the top of a basic round stool or heavy metal trash can. You could add fabric “petals” to the cushion to create any type of flower that you would like for your child to have.

Your families kids playhouse should be interesting and engaging for your children and their friends. Filling it with your own version of these wild stool designs may give it just the intrigue that you want. The truth is, children don’t always like to take stuff too seriously…especially when they are trying to get to the “bottom” of the fun!!

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