Give A Kids Playhouse An Angelic Look For The Holidays

January 3, 2011 - 10:22 pm No Comments

White goes with a kids playhouse the same way that a red-nose works for a reindeer. It can make the playhouse stand out and be extra special. This holiday season, you may want to consider sprucing up your family’s kids playhouse to reflect some of the more ethereal or angelic themes of the season.

Angel decoration outside a playhouseFor those that celebrate Christmas, angels sitting atop a tree are a norm when it comes to interior decor during the holidays. Along with the holiday playhouse look comes a renewed feeling that can help to refocus Christmas from simply gift-giving to recognizing the amazing miracles that happen in our lives everyday.  This is especially true during the holiday season.

Here are a few ways to make your family’s kids playhouse glow as if an angel has ascended on it just for your child and his or her friends:

Outline the kids playhouse with a blend of plain white lights or icicle-inspired lights, and small angel ornaments. The way to meld the look is to hang the angel ornaments repeated after a certain number of lights, for example, 12 lights then an angel, 12 lights then an angel, etc. The hanging angels will almost look like they are floating around the playhouse.

Go over the top, literally, and set an “angel” on the roof of the kids playhouse. You may consider doing some fancy artwork or use of lights to make it look like the angel is hugging the playhouse. You can create “wings” from white fabric netting that can be hung on either side of the playhouse for a truly uplifting effect!

Place angels in the windows and on the door of the kids playhouse. Children will love looking at their angel friends as they enter and play inside.

Animatronic decorations are still popular. You may be able to find some angels that sing or move at a local retailer. Place them right on the patio of the kids playhouse for a real effect.

Your family’s kids playhouse can look as if it has been touched by angel. Try these little design tricks and you are sure to create a look that is gorgeous. A happy and heavenly holiday season could start with making your own little angel’s playhouse extra special!

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