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Is Your Family’s Kids Playhouse Furniture Really Totally Safe For Your Little Ones?

November 22, 2010 - 8:05 pm No Comments

Decorating a kids playhouse can be an exciting, enjoyable time for you and your child. It affords you the opportunity to bond while trying to create a play space that will be his or her own little castle. One of the most fun aspects of decorating is selecting furniture. The pieces that you and your child pick will determine the type of look and feel for the playhouse. That’ important. But what’s more important is that whatever furniture that you select is safe!

Kids playhouse exteriorHere are a few things to look out for when furnishing your kids playhouse, so that you avoid introducing furniture that is cute, but not safe:

1. Antique toys, vintage baby bassinets for doll babies, or any old items that are painted with lead based paint should never be added to a kids playhouse. Lead poisoning is a very real hazard that people often overlook. While it may seem harmless enough, the reality is that the paint can chip off and could potentially be inhaled or ingested by your little one inadvertently.

2. Furniture that has not been properly cleaned should never be introduced into a kids outdoor playhouse. You may find a really nice chair or loveseat that would work wonders to bring together the look of your child’s playhouse. It could be super cheap also! However, before you put it in that kids playhouse, take the extra step and spend the money to have it cleaned and sanitized. Lots of germs can live in fabric and cushions. By not cleaning it you could potentially expose your child to ringworm, animal dander, and other disgusting vermin that live in used furniture.  Used furniture is great for an outdoor playhouse, but only if it’s totally clean and safe!

3. Sharp, pointy tables and objects should never be included in an outdoor playhouse décor.  Opt for tables or free-standing furniture that has rounded edges. Children can be clumsy and they fall often. Your child has a great chance of getting hurt if he or she falls onto the pointed corner of a table, which could not only cause a bump but could possibly pierce the eye or mouth. No parent would want their child to go through that, so it’s best to select furniture that is rounded and, of course, ultra-safe.

A kids playhouse can be absolutely gorgeous when furnished with the right pieces. If you are really concerned about using adult or higher end pieces that has the potential to pose a risk, then select plastic or wooden child sized and age appropriate playhouse furniture. The choice is yours, but the decision to be safe should always be given the highest priority.

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An Extra Thirty Minutes of Parent Time With a Kids Playhouse

September 25, 2010 - 8:43 pm No Comments

As parents we’re busy and there are times when we need an extra thirty minutes of uninterrupted adult time where we have to absolutely address a task.   One secret I have used successfully to getting an extra thirty minutes is to set up a tea party for my daughter and a friend in my daughter’s kids playhouse.

kids tea in kids playhouseI get my daughter involved by having her put her tea set on a tray.  Then she and her friend select the tea party snacks.  Most of the time it’s a choice from gold fish crackers, popcorn, cheese slices, carrots and dip, or strawberries.   Great finger food and small enough to fit on the tea part plates.  Then the choice of drink is made from 100% juice, Kool-aid or lemonade.  Lastly, the napkins and small stirring spoons are placed on the tray before the tray is taken to the kids playhouse.

The girls love the treats and have so much creative fun pretending to have a tea party.  While they are having fun, I can get uninterrupted phone calls made setting up doctor or dentist appointments, paying bills or popping dinner in the oven.

Once I’m done, I’m able to enjoy a cup ‘o tea with the kids in the kids playhouse!

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Dress Up Your Kids Playhouse With Fashion and Flair

September 22, 2010 - 12:05 am 1 Comment

Since when did a kids playhouse become the hottest, coolest fashion boutique in the area? Since you and your children added flair, along with plenty of fun clothes and accessories to your child’s beloved play place. It doesn’t have to be expensive to set up. Your little fashionista and her friends will be the best dressed kids on the block, and they will have a ball doing it!

Try these strategies for filling your little one’s kids playhouse fashion boutique with fab finds:

Fashion girl in kids playhouseMake trips to the thrift store a weekly event. Your child will love going out shopping and buying wild, exciting, and “new” clothes. Set a low budget and let her pick one or two pieces. If your thrift store has discount days, then, shop during those times for even more deals. Often, you can find items for a dollar or less!

Ask people you know for clothes. Women generally have lots of clothing and accessories. It shouldn’t be a problem getting a few female friends to “donate” to the boutique. In fact, you may end up with TOO MUCH!

Keep the selections fresh. Your child’s kids playhouse does not have a limitless area to work with, so, you need to constantly discard things that your child no longer wants in the boutique. These clothes can be donated to local animal shelters or other places where they recycle them or resell them to help local non-profit programs.

Give your child and her friends some play money to work with. This will encourage them to practice counting and get them used to handling money. Before you know it, your little girl could end up being an ace cashier!

Provide a few totes, shelves, and racks for displaying and storing the items that your child keeps in her kids playhouse. Also, look for really cool displays like mannequin parts or hat racks.

Don’t limit the kids playhouse boutique offerings as you may not understand how your child uses different things in the name of fashion. You may be surprised what your little fashionista can do with silk flowers, old hats, gems, and junk jewelry. Just think…this first venture into fashion could lead your child into a world of amazing adventures and creativity.

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Turn Your Kids Playhouse Into An Enchanting Reading Nook

June 22, 2010 - 7:07 pm No Comments

Everyone needs a special reading nook where they can unwind and get really interested in a book.  Kids need the same.  It’s hard to find a quiet place where a child isn’t distracted by the television, computer games, ipods or gaming systems.  A kids playhouse can be just the place for a child to escape to read.

Boy reading

As a parent, we need to encourage our children to read on a daily basis, but it’s hard when there are so many things competing for your child’s attention.  A kids playhouse can be set up to be a comfortable and quiet environment that encourages quality reading time.  It might be so inviting, that your child will actually choose to go to the playhouse to read without a battle.  How many parents would love to be in that situation?

Here are several tips to make an outdoor play house into a reading nook that your child will want to go to for their reading pleasure:

1.  Make it inviting.   Place comfortable furniture in the playhouse like bean bag chairs or a comfortable rocking chair to sit in to read.  Round it out with a favorite blanket and pillow and it would be hard for any child to resist coming to read in the playhouse.  If you’re very ambitious, consider putting a window seat in the playhouse that has a soft cushion and perhaps a curtain that can be drawn around the window seat for privacy.  How cool would that private area be for getting away to read?  Don’t forget to have their favorite snacks on hand!

2.  Have good lighting.  It’s important to have good lighting when your child reads.  This could be via electric or battery powered lights or it could just mean that the playhouse has bright, natural lighting.  Battery operated lighting can be an added “fun” factor because it’s like camping and totally different from what their used to in the main house.

3.  Encourage even more reading.  To encourage even more reading, have additional books in the playhouse so that once a child is done with one book, they can easily pick up another and begin to read that book too.  There are some great recommended reading lists available at the library or online that help parents or young readers choose age appropriate books.  Or take your child to the library to have them pick out their own books.  Make a rule to have the books stay in the playhouse so that the playhouse is considered the designated reading area.

4.  Remove distractions.  It may be obvious but if the children’s playhouse will be used as a private reading space, you need to remove toys, electronics or other items that may potentially distract your child.  Check the kids play house periodically to remove distractions that may have made their way into the playhouse.

Following these tips will make both your life easier and your child’s life happier.  You and your child will feel good when it’s time to fill out your child’s reading time log with extra minutes or even extra hours.  You may want to pass the secret of your kids playhouse reading nook idea on to other parents too!

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Setting Great Homework Habits Using A Kids Playhouse

May 11, 2010 - 10:50 pm 3 Comments

Instead of just using that wonderful and amazing kids playhouse for playing, consider making it a spot for your child to do homework .  Homework time can often be stressful for the entire family.  This stressful time can be reduced once your child is treated to doing their homework in their own playhouse.

shutterstock_50784475 homeworkDoing homework in a kids outdoor play house breaks all of the “rules” for getting school related tasks done .  This rule-breaking is intriguing for a kid and an unexpected deviation from the norm of doing homework at the kitchen table.

Homework doesn’t always have to be done while sitting in a chair and at a table. Why not spread out in the playroom’s loft or on the floor?

Another way to integrate homework time with your child’s kids playhouse is to use it as a reward when your child completes a homework assignment.  Set it up that for each half-hour spent working on homework your child can play for a half hour in the playhouse.  Some kids may not want to use their extra play time right away, rather, they may want to save it up to splurge on one big fun day.

A kids playhouse is an important part of your child’s life.  A learning component and an appreciation for the quiet time that they will have while doing homework can be combined which ultimately helps your child to develop focus and to be more conscientious.  These studying skills will be value from elementary school, through middle school and then on to high school!

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