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Kids Playhouse Memories From Grandma

June 1, 2009 - 8:15 pm No Comments

I was home this weekend and had a conversation with my Mom regarding a kids playhouse.  I wanted to know if she had a playhouse when she was a kid growing up in the Midwest and whether she had fond memories to share.  She started to tell me about how her father turned an old chicken coop into her playhouse.  I ran to get my flip video to record the conversation.


My grandparents were quite old when they had my Mother.  My Grandmother passed away when I was little and we lived far away from my Grandfather so hearing stories about my mother and her kids playhouse was fascinating.  Even to her grown up daughter! 


It’s funny how you don’t think about your parents being kids.  You hear some stories and then after awhile the stories are forgotten or are vague recollections.  So I was really happy when I was smart enough to stop her reminiscing, get the video recorder and begin taping her fond memories of her playhouse. 


Her memories of her playhouse and how special it was to her are obvious.  It was also apparent how much she appreciated her parents for building, decorating and putting those special touches on her playhouse.  After all these years, a grown woman with grandchildren fondly recalling her special kids playhouse was endearing and touching.  If you’d like to hear the 3 minutes clip, please click on the link below. 


You will find her story about her brother and his ‘hoodlum friends’ funny. 


Perhaps you have your own kids playhouse story to share?  We would love to know if you have any fond or lasting memories about your own playhouse.  Please feel free to post and share your story on this blog ( right now before it becomes just another faded memory.



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