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Have Fun Creating A Kids Playhouse Based On Your Child’s Favorite Book

October 31, 2010 - 9:45 pm No Comments

Blending favorites and a kids playhouse are a super way to ensure that your child will have a blast when he or she has playtime. Your little one will feel like their world has been transformed when you work together to turn their playhouse into a storybook adventure featuring their absolute favorite book and its characters! You may be wondering how you can pull off such a metamorphosis without too much stress and/or money. It can be done by using a few simple, and inexpensive, decorating tricks.
Girl reading book in kids playhouse
Here’s how you can turn that kids playhouse into a marvelous dream:

Choose the main scene that your child loves from their favorite book. Let this scene dictate the color of the kids playhouse walls. If it’s a walk in the park, then opt for sky colored walls or forest green to represent the trees in the park. If it’s a scene that takes place high atop a building, you may choose colors such as steel gray or brick red.

After selecting the wall colors, you may decide to actually recreate that scene with photos, drawings, or decals. Consider bringing the scene to life with decals that help the image to “pop”. If you can’t find the specific elements that you may need such as buildings, trees, or even candy, you can use other general design elements to make them.  For instance, to make clouds on the kids playhouse wall, you could use pure white decals from a cheap dollar store decal set that can be cut to look like clouds.  For something silly like foot prints, use blank brightly colored dollar store decals that you can mix and match, and cut to look like big feet!

Set up an area in the kids playhouse where your child can dress up like his or her favorite character from the book. The experience wouldn’t be the same without being able to look like the people or things from the book!

Have an area of the kids playhouse, potentially the loft area, where you stencil or type out words and passages from the book. This will serve to encourage your child to read also! This would also be a fantastic place to have a book nook if their favorite book is a part of a series.

Your family’s kids playhouse will be the ultimate play station for your little one when you decorate it so that their favorite book becomes real for him or her. Your little one is likely to be the envy of the kid set with such a cool place to have fun. Plus, just think of how excited your child will be about reading even more!

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Looking For A Unique, Japanese Inspired Kids Playhouse?

October 18, 2010 - 9:46 pm No Comments

I loved that this kids playhouse was based on a Japanese wooden tea house theme.  It has a wonderful open concept with many details like a small circle window that acts as a sun dial, a wooden porch-like base that could be transformed into a stage area for plays, decorative lattice work and a small open door way for children to go in and out of the playhouse.

Outside the playhouse, the owner put in a rock garden and a wandering path for a serene and calming effect.

This Japanese-inspired kids playhouse was built with love by Jill for her two daughters.  Great job Jill!

Japanese tea-style kids playhouse

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4 Ways A Kids Playhouse Can Make The Perfect Studio For Little Dancers

October 12, 2010 - 10:16 pm No Comments

Taking a kids playhouse from a simple fun hut to a place where your budding prima ballerina can practice is as easy as a putting on a tutu. Your little dancer will be able to hone her skills by leaps and bounds while still being able to have a good time with friends in her own little playhouse dance studio. Just setting that space aside for her will also make her one of the happiest little two-steppers that you have ever met. Here’s how you can create an amazing space for her:

Ballerina in a kids playhouseYou will need more than one barre, which is the railing type of equipment that dancers use for stretching, balancing, and dancing around. Consider placing one on an interior wall and also to have a free-standing one that she can move from one spot to the next, or even outside. If you are unable to find a “professional grade” ballet barre, then simply buy a railing from your local home improvement store and affix it to the wall! For effect, paint it pink.

She will need mats for stretching and comfort. While a hardwood floor or tiled floor works best for dancing, having soft yoga-type mats can make her time stretching a little less rough.

Keep her kids playhouse dance studio stocked with drinks including water and low- or no-sugar sports drinks. If she is going to dance a lot, she will need to stay hydrated. Why have it where she has to walk all the way to your house to drink? Just give her a little cooler and she will feel fantastic.

Mirrors are a must for a dancer. Not just to see themselves smiling, but to see themselves smiling and to fix or really enjoy their dance moves. You may want to tile a wall with small mirrors that have rounded edges if you are unable to find one large wall mirror. You may be able to find a mirror for cheap at your local thrift store or a garage sale.

Your daughter’s kids playhouse dance studio will need to be outfitted with music equipment, even if it’s just an iPod with speakers or a laptop. To encourage your little ballerina to really do her best, you may want to have a space with different types of dance and ballet gear that she can mix and match. Having her own studio will be a wonderful experience and the long term benefits could end up being “tutu” phenomenal!

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Super Heroes In Your Kids Playhouse Will Defend Your Childs Right To Fun!

October 5, 2010 - 9:50 pm No Comments

How can your child’s kids playhouse be morphed into one of the coolest, most amazing, most action packed fun centers in the universe? By filling it to the gills with super heroes, of course! Everything in it should have some type of “force field” glow, a power port, kryptonite, or web blaster to it. But, how can you meld all of these figures together to create a space that won’t overpower your little one?

Try a few of these strategies for maxing out the super hero décor in your kids playhouse:

Super heroPlace super hero decals on the walls in a pattern, and not just randomly to get a color flow going. They don’t have to be all of the same characters, but a possible look may be a pattern that features a red hero, a blue villain, and then a black hero, repeat. This will give the space a cleaner look and things won’t seem so hodge podge.

Pick a rug that either has the look of a shield or star, which are indicative of a super hero’s cavern. Select a color that will hide dirt, because you know little boys can get pretty dirty and, in all honesty, that’s one of the best parts about being one. If you opt for a hardwood or tile floor, be sure to offer a few scattered rugs so that the space doesn’t seem too cold and hard.

Have fun with the window treatments! Once again, the outdoor playhouse will benefit from a bevy of stars, which can symbolize some type of super power. Make the window treatments big stars! Simply cut out a piece of bright yellow fabric or felt. Glue it onto a plain or super hero patterned fabric panel. Hang and watch your child’s eye light up! Another option for the window treatments is to add glittery or shimmery fabric paint or sequins.

Give your kids playhouse the feel of a hero’s welcome for your little super kid! A few flashy features, some pictures of their favorites, and space for them to run, jump, and get the bad guys is all that your child will need to have a fantastic time. Saving the planet has never been easier!

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