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Modern-Style Kids Playhouse With Swing Set

June 26, 2010 - 10:36 am No Comments

I was pleasantly surprised recently when I came across this kids playhouse, found at The  Mommy Times, that was intentionally modeled in a modernistic architectural style.  The red and brown colors of the playhouse accentuated the tall rectangular windows on two sides of the playhouse.

Modernistic styled kids playhouse

In addition to having a swingset attached to the playhouse, the playhouse has several features that were unique.

These features included a cute patio prior to entering the playhouse interior, a slanted tin roof set upon rafter support boards for air flow and skylights high in the wall near the ceiling.

Side skylights from inside playhouse

For a better view of the side skylights, check out the picture below.

I am also including a picture of the back view of the playhouse.

I believe that the red covering is a window that can be opened and closed.

I hope you enjoy this cute, modernistic-styled playhouse as much as I did!

Back view of kids playhouse

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Turn Your Kids Playhouse Into An Enchanting Reading Nook

June 22, 2010 - 7:07 pm No Comments

Everyone needs a special reading nook where they can unwind and get really interested in a book.  Kids need the same.  It’s hard to find a quiet place where a child isn’t distracted by the television, computer games, ipods or gaming systems.  A kids playhouse can be just the place for a child to escape to read.

Boy reading

As a parent, we need to encourage our children to read on a daily basis, but it’s hard when there are so many things competing for your child’s attention.  A kids playhouse can be set up to be a comfortable and quiet environment that encourages quality reading time.  It might be so inviting, that your child will actually choose to go to the playhouse to read without a battle.  How many parents would love to be in that situation?

Here are several tips to make an outdoor play house into a reading nook that your child will want to go to for their reading pleasure:

1.  Make it inviting.   Place comfortable furniture in the playhouse like bean bag chairs or a comfortable rocking chair to sit in to read.  Round it out with a favorite blanket and pillow and it would be hard for any child to resist coming to read in the playhouse.  If you’re very ambitious, consider putting a window seat in the playhouse that has a soft cushion and perhaps a curtain that can be drawn around the window seat for privacy.  How cool would that private area be for getting away to read?  Don’t forget to have their favorite snacks on hand!

2.  Have good lighting.  It’s important to have good lighting when your child reads.  This could be via electric or battery powered lights or it could just mean that the playhouse has bright, natural lighting.  Battery operated lighting can be an added “fun” factor because it’s like camping and totally different from what their used to in the main house.

3.  Encourage even more reading.  To encourage even more reading, have additional books in the playhouse so that once a child is done with one book, they can easily pick up another and begin to read that book too.  There are some great recommended reading lists available at the library or online that help parents or young readers choose age appropriate books.  Or take your child to the library to have them pick out their own books.  Make a rule to have the books stay in the playhouse so that the playhouse is considered the designated reading area.

4.  Remove distractions.  It may be obvious but if the children’s playhouse will be used as a private reading space, you need to remove toys, electronics or other items that may potentially distract your child.  Check the kids play house periodically to remove distractions that may have made their way into the playhouse.

Following these tips will make both your life easier and your child’s life happier.  You and your child will feel good when it’s time to fill out your child’s reading time log with extra minutes or even extra hours.  You may want to pass the secret of your kids playhouse reading nook idea on to other parents too!

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Your Daughter’s Kids Playhouse Is “Spa-Tastic” For Girly-Girl Days

June 19, 2010 - 2:40 pm No Comments

What does a kids playhouse and pink lip gloss have in common? They are perfectly paired, along with a cadre of other girl-friendly beauty supplies, for a make-shift day at the spa right in the comforts of your family’s backyard!  Your daughter’s next “girls day out” with her friends can take place in her special play space with a little pre-spa-day leg work:

nail polishPlan out each beauty station with your daughter.  For example, set up a place for the “manicurist” to work on nails, while the “make-up artists” has a designated space for slathering on gobs of gloss. One really fun place for the pedicures is the loft part of a kids playhouse.  There the “pedicurist” can paint those little toe nails, and afterward, girls can let their feet dangle and swing as the polish dries without having worry about them getting messed up!

Choose styling tools and beauty products that are hypoallergenic and really made for children.  Whether you opt for cheaper dollar store products or fancy items from the upscale or mall stores, be sure to keep things age appropriate.  A little light blush can go a long way on a fresh faced young girl.

If you are going to allow them to do facials, you may want to have them use natural ingredients that are also edible.  That way, you won’t have to worry about someone accidentally eating any chemicals! There are many recipes that you and your daughter may find online for all-natural facial masks.

Even though a kids playhouse is being used, be sure to give the girls plenty of freedom to play and experiment as they give each other beauty treatments.  Part of the fun of having a girls day at the “spa” is that they can enjoy each other’s company.  After you get them all set up, let them play, sit back, and enjoy the good laugh that you may get when one of them emerges with rainbow colored toes!

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Have An Exotic, Wild Safari Adventure In A Kids Playhouse

June 16, 2010 - 11:38 pm 6 Comments

As a kid, were you fascinated by exotic and wild animals and now your child has the same love of animals?  Is your child enthralled by the movie Madagascar and dreams of going on his own wild adventures?  Your child can have a “wild” time in their own kids playhouse by creating an African Serengeti wild life refuge of their own!  It’s easy.

Here’s how you can create the ultimate safari adventure for your child:

Boy with animalsMake life-size drawings and cut outs of African animals.  Purchase long rolls of paper, in bright colors, so can make life-sized images of wild safari animals like lions, tigers, and giraffes.  Then go to your child’s story books or do research on the web to find pictures of lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, giraffes or hippo’s to draw.

After you’ve drawn the animals on the paper, have your child color, decorate, and cut out the final images.  Now it’s time to hang the drawings all over the kids playhouse, even hanging them from the ceiling, walls and windows.

Don’t forget to draw huge animal foot prints, like an elephant, and put them outside the playhouse to pretend that the animals are on the loose!  However the images are drawn, traced, or cut out, be sure that they are really big for a more authentic safari experience.

If you really want to go “wild”, help your child choose animal print fabric for window treatments, chair coverings and a table cloth. The more animal print stuff, the better.

Kids love scavenger hunts and a safari themed scavenger hunt is no exception. Go through your child’s toy box and find some plastic and stuffed exotic animals.  Hide the animals around the playhouse for the scavenger hunt.  The kids can look for the animals, animal tracks, or other objects found in the ‘wild’.

If your child is younger, face painting is a huge hit with the younger crowd.  Go to the library and find a book on face painting, purchase some water-based face paints and you’re ready to create some fierce looking animals!

Your child can be quite the adventurer in their kids playhouse, yet still be safe from all the “wild animals” loose outside.  Try these suggestions, and you will be on your way to transforming your children’s playhouse into a wild safari adventureland.

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A Colorful Kids Playhouse

June 8, 2010 - 1:15 pm No Comments

I love finding playhouses that other parents have built for their kids.  Here’s a kids playhouse that I came across that is quite colorful and that Mike and Beth Castillo recently finished for their family.  It’s really cute!

Colorful Kids Playhouse

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A Japanese-Themed Kids Playhouse

June 6, 2010 - 10:13 am 1 Comment

There was a fascinating post that I recently read about how architect Bob Borson designed a Japanese-themed kids playhouse.  It was an interesting post because he laid out why he built the playhouse, what inspired him, his research on traditional Japanese architecture and how he narrowed down what elements to include in the playhouse, and what he thinks about from an architects view point as he designed the playhouse.

Japanese Kids Playhouse
Some key thoughts were that he wanted the playhouse to be characteristically Japanese yet economical to build and to be appealing to both the parent and child.

Specific features to note were the wooden platform that the playhouse was built on, the decorative rafters on the outside of the playhouse, the wooden shake shingles on the roof, the small child-sized door, the uniquely Japanese shape and pitch of the roof, and because he wanted to give the playhouse the feel that it was above the ground, the lower part of the playhouse did not have sheathing and was open to the outside environment.

Two elements that were spot on for increased enjoyment by a child was the wrap round shelf or rail on the inside of the playhouse, at just the perfect height for a child to place all their treasures and knick knacks.  The second element was the inclusion of pressed paperboard above the rail for children to pin their favorite drawings or hang items that they’ve collected and want to show off.

Below is the video and end result of his 8 foot x 8 foot Japanese designed kids playhouse.

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Make An Address Plate For Your Kids Playhouse

June 3, 2010 - 5:49 pm 1 Comment

If you’ve ever wanted to do a fun activity with your child and their kids playhouse, then this blog post if for you!  I can’t take credit for this activity as I stumbled upon it in a blog post by Super woman Brittany who demonstrated how to make a very simplistic but attractive address plate for their kids play house.

Here are the easy step-by-step directions for your very own address plate:

Step 1.  Purchase a wooden plaque and paint or stain from a craft store, Walmart or a dollar store.  Make sure your painting surface is well covered with newspapers.  Don’t forget paint brushes and wet rags to clean up any spills.

Step 2.  Have your child stain or paint the wooden plaque and allow the newly stained or painted plaque to dry.

Painted plaqueStep 3.  Using contact paper and stencils (purchased stencils or made using a Cricut), trace and cut out your kids playhouse address.

Step 4.  Place the contact paper on the plaque and use black paint to blot the address on to the plaque.

Plaque with stencil and paint
Step 5.  Allow the black paint to dry.  Remove the contact paper.

Address plate
Step 6.  Time to hang the newly painted address plate on the kids playhouse!

Address plate hung on kids playhouse
This is a great kid-friendly activity that you and your child will absolutely love.  With a few inexpensive materials and a child willing to paint, you can have a nice looking address plate that will be unique to your child’s kids playhouse!

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