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An Interactive Felt Kids Playhouse For Young Child

May 26, 2010 - 11:36 pm 11 Comments

Here’s a very unique kids playhouse that is made of felt.  This playhouse has four panels each with a different theme and a “roof”.  What’s great about this playhouse is that it fits over a card table to make an instant playhouse!  The playhouse stores and travels very easily.  So if your child needs a playhouse while visiting the grandparents, this is an amazingly simple solution.

Front Panel Felt Kids Playhouse

I fell in love with it because it is very interactive for young children.  The front of the playhouse has a felt flap for a door, a mail box that opens, and a flower pot that kids can “plant” their flowers.

Garden Panel Felt Kids Playhouse

A side panel of the kids playhouse is dedicated to a garden theme with apples that can be “picked” from the trees due to the wonders of velcro.  There are carrots and corn that can be tucked into the “ground” for easy garden growing.

Window Panel Felt Kids Playhouse

The back panel has a window where the curtain can be rolled up and down.

Baseball Panel Felt Kids Playhouse

Another side panel was custom made as a baseball diamond with pockets to hold baseball cards at the various positions around the baseball diamond.

This clever felt kids playhouse was made by Katie who was inspired by another Mom blogger, Jill.   If you’ve ever wanted an indoor kids playhouse that was fun, interactive for kids, portable, and stored easily, then this playhouse may be something to check out!

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A Really “Sweet” Kids Playhouse

May 18, 2010 - 6:52 pm 2 Comments

Imagine a kids playhouse that is suited for the child who loves to bake cakes, brownies or cookies.  It’s possible when your child chooses a fun and tasty baking or treats theme for their playhouse.  Your child’s playhouse will be unique and customized to what your child enjoys…baking!  With a few silly and simple design tricks, their playhouse will look and smell as good enough to eat as it is to play in.

Kids cookingTry the following simple design tricks:

Paint the kids playhouse a really sweet color such as Gum Drop Purple or Apple Green.  Or use multiple colors such as Lemonade yellow, Candy Apple Red, Cotton Candy Pink, and Chocolate Brown. For a sprinkling of candy effect, create striped, wavy, or spotted patterns using these yummy colors.

Have your child create a mural with all of their favorite treats!  Your child will be able to personalize their playhouse while actively engaging in a fun and creative activity.  To get started, they can draw a big doughnut topped with rainbow sprinkles as the center or paint a mirage of lemon meringue pie slices.

Reclaimed food or candy wrappers can be used to make a kids playhouse wall border. Without costing a fortune, the border will give the playhouse walls dimension and texture and add to the overall baking and treats theme . To make the wrappers stay on the wall, you and your child can use easy decoupage techniques.

Be sure that your child has lots of pretend food in their kids playhouse.  In addition to the pretend or plastic food, buy non-toxic playdough or make edible playdough!

Don’t forget to add the baking or treat smell to the playhouse.  Hang sweet smelling air fresheners that are shaped like cakes and goodies from the ceiling!

Your child’s kids playhouse may become a menagerie of sweet treats and delectable smells that will mesmerize your child and the other children that are invited to enjoy the deliciously decorated space! After you and child customize their playhouse, it is sure to be even better than anything than you both imagined!

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Setting Great Homework Habits Using A Kids Playhouse

May 11, 2010 - 10:50 pm 3 Comments

Instead of just using that wonderful and amazing kids playhouse for playing, consider making it a spot for your child to do homework .  Homework time can often be stressful for the entire family.  This stressful time can be reduced once your child is treated to doing their homework in their own playhouse.

shutterstock_50784475 homeworkDoing homework in a kids outdoor play house breaks all of the “rules” for getting school related tasks done .  This rule-breaking is intriguing for a kid and an unexpected deviation from the norm of doing homework at the kitchen table.

Homework doesn’t always have to be done while sitting in a chair and at a table. Why not spread out in the playroom’s loft or on the floor?

Another way to integrate homework time with your child’s kids playhouse is to use it as a reward when your child completes a homework assignment.  Set it up that for each half-hour spent working on homework your child can play for a half hour in the playhouse.  Some kids may not want to use their extra play time right away, rather, they may want to save it up to splurge on one big fun day.

A kids playhouse is an important part of your child’s life.  A learning component and an appreciation for the quiet time that they will have while doing homework can be combined which ultimately helps your child to develop focus and to be more conscientious.  These studying skills will be value from elementary school, through middle school and then on to high school!

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Even American Girl Dolls Have A Kids Playhouse

May 2, 2010 - 10:30 pm No Comments

I recently took my two girls to the American Girl Doll Store at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that Kit and Ruthie, two American Girl Dolls, had a kids playhouse or rather a tree house.  My girls went wild over the playhouse, so I took a picture of it. Even American Girl Dolls have a kids playhouse to call their own!

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