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Decorating A Kids Playhouse For A Child That’s A Car Buff

March 31, 2010 - 10:50 pm No Comments

Transforming a kids playhouse into a car lovers haven can happen in a jiffy. Some might think that a car Car themed kids playhousethemed playhouse would only be for boys, but in reality, many girls love looking at and playing with toy automobiles. Creating a space that a car buff will both love and feel comfortable in takes combining a few different design elements and accessories. While it can be done as cheaply or as expensive as parents would like, the thing to keep in mind when assisting a child in decorating their playhouse is to let them pick what they like. Above style, their happiness should be your ultimate goal.

Try these easy tips to make the space awesome:

1. Choose car themed light fixtures. From pendants that are wired into the playhouse’s electrical panel to light switch covers, there are so many different car related lighting options. Some auto themed light pendants are like real cars that hang from the ceiling on a “showroom floor” base. These give the space an authentic look that will delight young car lovers every time they enter and flick on the lights in their outdoor playhouse.

2. Look for rugs and furnishings that resonate with automobile detailing. A car shaped throw rug or welcome mat could be the perfect compliment for the floor of the outdoor playhouse. Select something that is very resilient and can hold up to a lot of dirt and play. Another option is a rug that looks like city streets that children can use to “drive” their small play cars on.

3. Make the wall decor phenomenal. Using wall decals is nice and can add a quick splash of color and auto related designs to the wall. But consider taking the look up a notch by including large murals on the inside and outside of the outdoor playhouse. Kid-sized cars can be painted on the walls to look as if there are several cars parked inside or on the sides of the playhouse.

4. Provide the child will real pedal or electric child-sized cars to “drive” around the outside of their kids playhouse. Kids will absolutely love the idea of having a real “car collection” to go along with the small pocket sized cars that they may have on display inside.

Cars can make an outdoor playhouse an auto buff’s favorite place. From light fixtures to real cars that are “parked” around the kids playhouse, kids that are car lovers will have a marvelous time in a well decorated play space that is just for them. Your little car buff today could end up growing into a car collector or race car driver tomorrow!

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A Kids Playhouse Turns A Bug Birthday Party In An Unforgettable Bash

March 29, 2010 - 2:11 am 4 Comments

Fill up a kids playhouse with a menagerie of six or eight legged insect friends and everyone involved is sure to have a ball! A playhouse makes an ideal gathering spot for a birthday party that has a natural theme such as those involving the world of insects. From ladybugs to wiggly worms, there are so many ways that a parent can incorporate these little colorful arachnids and insects into a party that is fit for your little doodlebugs! Here’s how:
Kids playhouse bug party
1. Feed your guests lots of “bugs”! This is one of the easiest steps for creating a bug themed party. Provide bowls full of “worms” (gummy worms) and “spider legs” (black licorice bites) for the kids to snack on. You can make another interesting bug food out of celery, dressing, and carrots. Simply shred the carrots into “hairs” or use tiny stick carrots. Dollop dressing in the middle of the celery and place the carrots on it so that they look like legs hanging out. This will make a funky and delicious millipede that guests won’t be able to get enough of. A bug themed cake or cupcakes are a must have for real “authenticity”!

2. Put bugs all on the walls and table! You will need bug themed decorations such as party plates, cups, and balloons. Another option is to make your own bugs out of brown paper bags and chenille stems that can be put onto the walls or hung from the ceiling. Wooden playhouses make a perfect place for setting up a  bevy of bugs. You can even introduce some real life bugs into the fun by having some bugs in a few bug boxes that kids can look at or touch when they are not eating, of course.

3. Put bugs on the guests, in their pockets, and bags! Kids will love having “bugs” stuck to them. You can either get bug stickers and have a contest to see who can wear the most bugs in the shortest amount of time or parents can hide bug stickers all over the wooden playhouses for a fun bug gathering race!

Letting bugs invade a kids playhouse for kids birthday parties will be a lot of fun for the parents that have to come up with creative ways to add in insects and the kids that will have to wear them! Whether they are actually chomping on a worm or putting a bunch on their jeans, the fun will definitely be non-stop and the birthday party will be an event that will be well remembered!

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Kids Playhouse Tip #2: How To Turn A Playhouse Into A Girl’s Dream

March 22, 2010 - 9:45 pm 3 Comments

As a kids playhouse goes, it’s of the utmost importance for a child to claim their playhouse as their own, and that includes being an integral part of the decorating process. Regardless of the exact style that they ultimately choose for the interior of their playhouse, just being able to pick the colors, borders, decals, and other cool wall decor could be really awesome. So, here are some tips for helping your daughter to select items that will help to transform those bare walls into the playhouse of her dreams!

Girl Decorating a Kids Playhouse1. Remember that pink is not just “pink”. There are so many shades of pink to choose from that it would be best for you to provide your daughter with color swatches and let her pick the “pink” that she wants. If she wants to go for a more funky look, suggest that she use a darker pink like a fuchsia or hot pink. For a really light and airy feeling in the playhouse or a look that would yell “tea party”, then consider a softer pink like cotton candy.

2. Border and decals can really add panache to a wall. Because most playhouses are not extremely large spaces, chances are, you won’t need a lot should you decide to go with a border. If so, ask your daughter if she wants a border that has a recurring theme or if she would like something that is more hodge-podge or grouped. Another option is to look at wall decals. Wall decals are great because you can actually get them custom made with your daughters words, photos, or artwork. What’s great with using decals is that they can be removed easily or repositioned, so that she can decorate at-will!

3. Artificial flowers and trees can make a kids playhouse feel more cozy. Wall pockets are baskets that can be put onto a wall. These add a nice element and dimension to a space. Your daughter could greatly customize her playhouse by incorporating a floral look.

Girls will love their kids playhouse as it becomes a fabulous or chic place for them to entertain their friends. With gorgeous walls and decorations that are simply marvelous, your little girl is likely to embrace her femininity and, will hopefully enjoy the decorating process. A really beautiful kids playhouse could be a glimpse into your daughter’s future home decorating style.

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A Kids Playhouse Makes A Grandparents’ Yard Even More Fun

March 19, 2010 - 11:26 am 2 Comments

Imagine trekking into a kids playhouse after enjoying a warm batch of grandmom’s cookies. For a kid, life just doesn’t get much better than that. That’s why it’s so wonderful when grandparents recognize that there are ways to add to their little one’s time away from home during their visits. Some grandparents have found that purchasing a kids playhouse, like the KidKraft Kids Playhouse, can make the time spent in their backyards extra special. Here’s why:

1. After being with adults for an extended period of time, children want and need to get some serious playing in, just to feel like a kid! Often when they are visiting older adults such as grandparents, they may be in an environment with lots of antiques, important mementoes, or just expensive stuff that they are not allowed to touch, or even brush up against. Being able to retreat to a fun place like a kids playhouse makes these types of environments more bearable for a child, and actually gives them even more reason to want to visit again.

2. A kids playhouse is great for sharing moments with grandchildren. Whether grandparents decide to share stories from their own youth when they may have had their own playhouse to creating new worlds and stories with their grandchildren now, the possibilities are endless and the fun could be non-stop! Playing in a playhouse can help the older adult to feel less inhibited and more open for being silly or experiencing things on the child’s level. It could be incredibly refreshing to break away from the rigors of everyday life and get in some light and playful moments with their grandchildren.

Grandparents everywhere love having a kids playhouse in their backyard because it is an integral part of the relationship that they relish with your grandchildren. No matter how the time is spent playing, sharing experiences, or being creative together, there is sure to be plenty of opportunities for everyone to relish and hold on to.

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Kids Playhouse Tip #3: Let Boys Break Decorating Rules If It Makes Them Happy

March 15, 2010 - 11:51 pm 1 Comment

A kids playhouse adventure begins with children using their imaginations to create a space that is completely and uniquely theirs. It’s an amazing feeling for a child to know that they were a major contributor to making their playhouse look like they have dreamed it could look. For a kid that means the world and with boys, especially, it could make their experience using their playhouse even more satisfying. That means that as parents, it is best to just let your son decorate his kids playhouse the way that he wants. This may be hard at first, but it will ultimately make sense as his playhouse becomes his castle.

Boy painting a Kids PlayhouseLetting the boys decorate doesn’t mean that you cannot give your input or help to guide them with regard to some of the interior aspects of the kids playhouse. But, it means that if he doesn’t like what you’ve picked that you should work together to come up with a solution that you will both be happy with and that will not make him feel like you have “taken over” the space. For some children, decorating their kids playhouse will be their first chance to try out their own ideas of what looks and feels good. This is an important part of a boy’s development and their ability to feel confident in their decision making.

To help to give your son a frame of reference for how he could potentially decorate his playhouse, let him look at some home decorating magazines or do a search online for kids playhouse decorating ideas. Try not to get offended if he likes something that “someone else” comes up with better than what you suggest…even if it’s surprisingly similar. Boys will be boys! Take him to places where he can see a bevy of colors and textures like your local home improvement center. They are likely to have items that will make a playhouse a real boy’s spot.

Boys may decorate their kids playhouse in all of the “wrong” colors or with all of the “wrong” textures, but as long as they are happy it doesn’t matter. As a parent, you can suggest and guide, but you don’t want to take their creative license away or you could diminish helping them to own the space. One of the most important things that you can help him to realize is that he doesn’t have to rush to decorate his playhouse. A kids playhouse can be a work in progress.

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A Kids Playhouse Turns A Shopping Trip Into A Good Time For Parent And Child

March 1, 2010 - 10:29 pm No Comments

It’s amazing how a kids playhouse can make a regular run to the mall seem like a really cool play date! Many malls around the country are adding children’s play areas to give the children a respite from the in and out shopping activity that adults so love. While it may be fun for a child when they first head out to the store, by the third or fourth trip through the aisles, they are ready for a break and a kid-style respite. Some malls are more forward thinking and provide a “fun area” for kids. These fun areas are always made better with the incorporation of a kids playhouse.

Litttle girl shopping As a parent, you can create a little strategy for your next shopping trip that will allow you to maximize the time that you have in  the stores, while giving your child a chance to be a kid also. Hit the stores that you definitely want to shop at first because your child will have the most patience. Then, when you realize that he or she is about to melt down, whisk your little one away to the kids playhouse in the fun area. There, you can start a play session that will be have multiple steps. You may say something like, “While we take a break from shopping, let’s bake a cake! Then, we will shop a little bit and come back when it should be ‘finished'”! That will give you a chance to run to other stores for a moment.

The kids playhouse at a mall’s fun area is also great because it is not a “don’t touch” zone like most stores are. With the playhouse, kids can touch all over and get out that sense of curiosity and that need to have a tactile experience. For an adult, you are touching clothing and looking at tags as you shop. For a child, they aren’t really doing all of that, but they have that need also.

Shopping can be fun. A kids playhouse can help to break up the monotony that kids sometimes feel when they are out for a day of buying with parents. It can give them a sense of relief from the stuffiness and “restrictions” that they deal with in stores. From touching to pretending, all of that can make a shopping trip a lot more enjoyable and manageable for a young child. A kids playhouse can be a big part of making that happen.

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