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A Kids Playhouse Encourages Young Children to Be More Social

February 27, 2010 - 3:30 pm No Comments

Kids Playhouse Friends

Having a kids playhouse is fun. But what is even more exciting for young children is the chance to invite a friend to come and enjoy the playhouse with them. Parents are often the orchestrators of play dates, but when a child has their very own playhouse, they often feel more inclined to extend invitations for play dates. There is something wonderful that happens as a child becomes more independent, self-assured, and in turn more social. Being the “owner” of a kids playhouse can bring those attributes out of a child, and so much more.

Taking the initiative to give an invitation to a new friend could be a big step in the development of a child’s social skills. It signals that your child is starting to understand that he or she is not only a part of your family, but is an individual, with individual feelings, likes, and dislikes. Your child has a desire to establish his or her own relationships that may or may not include you. In all honesty, for some parents, feeling excluded from their child’s play may be something to which they will need to adjust.

Children may also want to simply “show off” their kids playhouse. Much like adults, their playhouse is likely to have many cool features such as those found on the KidKraft Kids Playhouse, which has real functioning window shutters and a mailbox for all of the invitations that are sure to come after their great playdate. It will make your child feel great knowing that his playhouse can be admired by his peers for its fantastic styling and, of course, his own decor!

With a kids playhouse, your child may change in a more positive and social way. Of course, each child develops differently; but, learning to enjoy time with friends, on their own, is something that they will need in life. Whether your child was a social butterfly before getting a playhouse or not, your child may become very welcoming when he or she realizes they can have even more fun just by sharing their place with a new or favorite buddy.

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