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Inspired Father Builds a Kids Playhouse

May 29, 2009 - 12:07 am 7 Comments

I came across this great article about a father wanting to build a kids playhouse in his backyard because he wanted his children to go really nuts over it when the playhouse was finished.  Plus, it never hurts to be the hero in the eyes of your kids for the summer and beyond!


Now I was surprised at how thoroughly he researched this project.  He looked at ready-made kids playhouses and didn’t like the appearance or price of them.  He looked at larger wooden swing set kits with a playhouse included but those were out of his price range and were much larger than he really wanted. So he decided to build his kids a playhouse from scratch.  You have to admit, any father that can build a kids playhouse from scratch now a days is one cool Dad.


Although there were a lot of free playhouse plans on the Web the father found that a lot of the plans were complicated because they seemed to be written by carpenters for carpenters.  So this is a watch out for any person wanting to build their own playhouse from scratch.


Eventually, he found that building a kids playhouse could be broken down into several steps, the first of which was to make the kids playhouse safe so it wouldn’t fall over.  I think all parents would agree that safety is number one.


Finding a spot in the yard for the playhouse and making it level was step two.  It was pointed out that this step could be tricky and time consuming – more so than most people realize.  Although kids aren’t as stringent in their requirements for straight walls and level floors, if you’re going to make an awesome playhouse that will last for years, I’m sure having a level spot would help!


The next step was preparing the playhouse floor by arranging joists in a grid-like pattern just the same way it’s used in building floors for real houses. If you’ve ever watched the tv program This Old House, they use the old adage: Measure twice, cut once.  This father stresses that even in building a playhouse floor, you want to carefully measure each corner to make sure everything is lined up and all the corners are square.


The playhouse flooring was followed by building walls for the playhouse and then putting on the playhouse gabled roof.  The most rewarding part, from the father’s point of view, of building the playhouse was adding the decking and sheathing.  But for me, putting the final touches like shutters, picket fences, a mail box, and flower planters on the kids playhouse would be the most rewarding because it’s almost limitless on what you can do to make the playhouse your own. 


Get inspired to build your own kids playhouse, read the full story here:—The-Easy-Way-to-Build-a-Playhouse&id=1060886



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